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Reisters Grower Services - The Early Days....

        When Franklin G. Reister was 43 years old, he had orchards and a dairy on Gooding St. near 16th Ave. across from the ol' homestead where he grew up. He also had his 1st heart attack; that was in 1945. The doctors told him he was 'not long for this world' stay in bed...don't get up... lay still. He tried that for a bit...but got really bored. Being a man of faith, he tried getting back in the groove, but had some serious heart malfunctions whenever he got too rambunctious. He frequently ended up back in his bed with another episode....really frequently.

        Having a lovely bride, and 2 daughters and 2 sons, at that point in time, he knew he had to get something going.

        So....he had a phone installed next to his pillow. He made several calls a day... finding enough growers in need of enough certain products to order a full truck load. After growing into significant product volumes, some major Industry players took notice and began supporting dad’s efforts... like offering some consignment deals... better pricing - etc. They made him well-able to compete with the “big boys” down the street. 

        When Franklin and Beatrice's youngest son Robert was 11 years old, brother Jim was February--1950. Then in May-1951 I came along. So ....Dad was apparently feeling much better. 

        Two daughters, Marilyn [Youngquist] and Donna [Roberts]...and 4 sons, Fred, Bob, Jim, and Ron. Dad got out of the dairy business, expanded in the fruit bizz and Reisters Grower Services.

Soon, in early the 1950's, the sisters and Fred were off into their own endeavors. Bob and Dad started buying more farmland and farms from neighbors. In the 60's Jim and I made for some low-cost farm-hands. In the 70's Jim was gainfully employed out of state. Linda & I married in '69 and stayed with Bob & Paula in the Farming & Reisters Grower Services Business. Dad and Mom kinda retired at ages 72 and 66 yrs old... But they were always visiting and helping and hanging out with us whenever they could. 

When Dad was almost 90 yrs-old, they died together in a car crash, in which the neighbor lady was driving. Miraculously, nobody else involved in the crash was hurt, but Mom & Dad took off for Heaven together, which is what they had been Praying for.

Our Reisters Grower Services Office & Warehouse is located at M-37 & Fruit Ridge Ave., just 1/2 Mile from where Mom & Dad died in that Crash. They are rejoicing with Jesus in Heavenly Bliss.  

May our Awesome God Bless You & Yours.....r

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